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“Aysha has sensitively helped me to evaluate many aspects of my life that I was dissatisfied with. In the short time I have worked with her she has enabled me to develop a very different outlook and as a result I am both more confident and happy. I would definitely recommend Aysha, she made me feel completely at ease meaning I could get the most out of each session.”


Cheltenham, UK

“Aysha is a warm, friendly coach but also remained very professional throughout the sessions. She took me down some interesting paths that I wasn’t expecting and picked me up on thought patterns I didn’t realise I had. She politely challenged them and helped me view things in a different and more helpful way.”


London, UK

“Aysha remains authentic throughout the sessions, is empathetic and can relate to what people are going through. Aysha has a kind and genuine assertiveness, challenging my thinking and holding me to account in order for me to make progress.

I feel more empowered in all aspects of my life to know that things can change for the better and as a result, I would highly recommend Aysha as she is friendly, open, shows that she cares and ensures I can open up within a safe environment.”


Cheltenham, UK

“Aysha is a fantastic listener and helped me get to the answers I needed by myself. The coaching helped me work through decisions that I was stuck on regarding my career and family life balance. It was very interesting discovering the link between what my values were and how that impacted my thoughts and behaviour..

I would recommend Aysha as she is very easy to connect with. It’s not easy to open up to a complete stranger but Aysha made it feel very safe to do so. After every session I felt in a fantastic mood, really charged with energy. Aysha is a very kind knowledgeable person and a credit to the life coaching profession.”


Cardiff, UK

“Throughout my coaching sessions I was able to Identify limiting beliefs that were holding me back and started to take action towards the life I have always wanted to live. Throughout this process I’ve been feeling more and more myself and more in charge of my life than I’ve ever felt before. In six weeks I’ve done more than in the 4 years I kept swirling around looking for something I had all along.”

“I have to thank Aysha for all the amazing work she has done and for the blessing she is in my life.”


London, UK / Portugal

“The sessions were really useful to explore unhelpful patterns of thinking that were preventing me from moving forward. Aysha worked with me to focus on my outcomes and what I wanted instead. I would highly recommend Aysha to anyone who wants to take action in their life and focus on how they can achieve their goals and dreams.”


Cardiff, UK

“I came to Aysha feeling stuck in a rut about not pursuing my great love, writing. I was frustrated, horribly busy, stressed, tired and terrified I would never be able to do what I had once found so easy. By the end of the first session I felt energised and positive. Over the course of the next few sessions I had bought a thesaurus and began writing regularly. I rebuilt faith in myself. Aysha made me realise that what matters to me is more than basic day-to-day admin and made me stop feeling guilty about wanting to do the things I love.

After this session I felt positive and that I could sort myself out. I am starting to see possibilities rather than uncertainties when I look at my future!”


Cheltenham, UK

“Aysha has been so supportive through this whole process; offering a different viewpoint on subjects I had got quite stuck on and enabling me to find new ways of looking at these issues and dealing with them.

Aysha has helped me unpick several issues. Her clear sighted and supportive approach has helped me see a way forward and set achievable goals to ensure I make the progress necessary to attain my objectives.”


Bristol, UK

“I think Aysha is lovely. She seems to know how to get me to tell details about myself and delve into any issues that are holding me back. She is very positive and has been helping me understand my own thought processes. And she is very gentle with trying to get me to do things that are good for me but that I resist doing.”


Cardiff, UK

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